All Accupixel training courses are approved by Agisoft – the authors of Metashape. Please click on the course to see more, including a full list of the contents.

Our courses are written with collision investigators, surveyors, civil engineering & construction and cultural heritage & archaeologists as the target audience. All courses are built on decades of practical, real world experience in the field of terrestrial and underwater photogrammetry as practiced by course authors Jose & Simon.

What our customers say:

A new student writes: “This is the first time I’ve encountered photogrammetry, but I like the way it is broken up into small sections and very clearly explained.”

The more experienced Metashape user writes: “I discovered there was so much functionality in Metashape I wasn’t using.”

A marine biologist: “I have really enjoyed following your course online and I can already say that my knowledge of photogrammetry and Metashape has improved considerably.”

Ian White of North West Technical Services Ltd writes: “… having taken the course, I would recommend it to any members who are using Metashape on a regular basis in order to generate site plans.”

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