Course Update & New Topic – Reprojection Errors Explained

At first glance photogrammetry is a simple process. Shoot a collection of overlapping images, drop them into Metashape and sit back while the processing churns out a 3D model. In this respect Agisoft have done an excellent job of making life easy.

For some the process ends here. For others its the start of a journey that leads to higher quality, refined accuracy, scaling and overall confidence their model is as representative as possible.

One of the steps in the process of refinement is removing Reprojection Errors. We cover its use in the Metashape Standard Edition course and explained when it was right to apply.

Deeper Insight

After completing the course one of our students gave us some valuable feedback. Whilst they understood when Reprojection Errors was intended to be applied they didn’t really understand what it meant and what was going on behind the scenes.

We agreed. So José  sat down and wrote a new topic that digs much deeper into the subject and explains not only what is going on but why its important for accurate reconstruction.

Screenshot from the Agisoft endorsed course

Lifelong Learning

Both José and Simon believe learning is not a singular event but an ongoing process. This ethos is carried into the principles behind the courses we offer and all existing students can dip back into the course at any time for a refresher, plus read new topics as and when they are added.

Understanding Reprojection Errors is a foundation skill that is now included in the Metashape Standard course and the new content available to existing and new students alike.

The Professional Edition

We have received a few inquiries about if and when the Metashape Professional Edition training course might be ready.

The good news is we have started work on this and it will be ready in due course. We have decided to treat the Metashape Standard course as the entry point where we teach the importance of correct photography as much as the main Metashape workflow. The Professional course will build on this and is going to add a layer of knowledge over and above the basics, so both courses will be complimentary in that respect.

We are confident working through the Standard course will improve your photogrammetry. Anyone wishing to advance to the Professional course is therefore encouraged to take the Standard course now rather than wait. All existing students will not only receive discount vouchers but will enjoy early access when the course is ready.