National Parks Service Collaboration with AccuPixel

Accupixel are more than just a reseller of Metashape Рboth Jos̩ & Simon find pushing the boundaries of what is possible with photogrammetry a very good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Solving real-world problems and then sharing the how-to in our online training courses goes to the core of what Accupixel is all about.

We also like to work with and support people pushing the boundaries. Today we are very proud to announce the Submerged Resources Center of the US National Parks Service are now in collaboration with Accupixel with the sole aim of applying the forensic principles to the underwater world and improving the quality and efficiency of what photogrammetry can deliver for the parks service scientists and public alike.

Collaboration will concentrate on several key areas:

  • Merging UWIS GPS data into reconstruction & software development of the Deep3D App to improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Working with multiple cameras & images and exploiting the potential of the Sea Array camera system.
  • Capture and processing workflow for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Results validation, analysis, interpretation and sharing/communication.
The Sea Array camera system – NPS photo by Susanna Pershern, Submerged Resources Center

We have reviewed and processed some of the recent work gathered at the Dry Tortugas National Park that is being used to monitor coral reef health. The initial results are very encouraging…but with over 12,000 images from a single survey we might need to think about more processing hardware…

Coral reef DEM with geolocation and scaling, created using multi camera array with images from the Sea Array as shot by Brett Seymour from the National Parks Service

Working in Agisoft Metashape Professional with large datasets and multiple cameras opens up many possibilities, not least of which is improving the accuracy of the resulting model. Combine that with UWIS derived GPS data and the NPS will be able to share scaled and geo located 3D data on a scale not previously possible.

Screenshot of Dry Tortugas reef ortho photo at 0.7mm per pixel with coral measurement analysis from within Metashape Professional
The Sea Array mounted with UWIS tracker and tablet

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