Using photogrammetry with drone images & 3DF Zephyr Webinar with FAQs

Recently we held a webinar that introduced how 3DF Zephyr workflow is used to create highly representative 3D models and 2D ortho mosaics using drone shot images and surveyed ground control points.

We thought it would be helpful to collate a range of FAQ’s on one page for our customers.

What are you using to obtain the gps positions of the targets?

Survey equipment with rtk corrective services

What drones did you use and what was the resoultion of the orignal pictures in this case?

DJI – various types – and the images shot in the examples are shot using an Olympus

Is it possible to import EOP (X,Y,Z,omega,phi,kappa) from text file after importing images?

You can import the images and the pictures’ rotation parameters by clicking on File > Load photos with known parameters

If the image counts very big, is it possible to divide the projects to parts and then merge?

Yes, projects can be broken into smaller sections

It is possible to integrate the model to BIM?

Yes, either via exporting supported formats or using the BIM – Revit Integration

AccuPixel’s shop is now open for 3DFlow.

If you have any further questions that aren’t answered here – please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be happy to help.

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