Updates – Courses and Consulting

Both Jose and Simon treat learning and improvements as an ongoing process and this approach applies to the AccuPixel online training courses.

Course Update

The latest update has been applied to the Metashape Foundation course and the technique to optimise the number of images used in reconstruction has been added as a topic.

This addition was a spin-off from our consulting work. The  Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) sought some advice on hardware to tackle massive datasets comprising of tens of thousands of images.

But a deeper look into the images and workflow suggested some changes to the workflow would deliver far more cost-effective and energy efficient results. The outcome was hardware spend was cancelled and a new workflow cut processing time from weeks to hours.

The full story can be read here.

Disabled cameras following a workflow change and python script to disable redundant images

For users working without the comfort of drone mission planning software and its precise control of image overlap this technique should improve processing times without degrading output quality. Anyone working underwater or with close range hand-held style photogrammetry – where the human makes an overlap judgement – will benefit.

The course has been updated and the new topic is available immediately to both existing and new students. Existing students should login to their account and look for the topic Reducing Overlap and any new student will cover the content as they progress.

Consulting Work

Our consulting work is where the real problem solving skills come to their fore. Recently we have worked on a series of diverse projects that have sought to deliver specific improvements:

  • Processing time reduction
  • Quality assurance and validation
  • Automated data preparation and subset extraction
  • Workflow changes for accuracy
  • Camera calibration
  • Python coding for specific requirements

Sectors ranging from maritime science to massive civil engineering projects and defence-related subsea work has benefitted from our skills and service.

Both Jose and Simon relish in a new challenge and this kind of work is usually pushing at the bleeding edge of photogrammetry.

If you have any specific requirements or need a workflow review then do please get in touch and discuss your project.

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