We could spend time and money on legal documents and ask you to read and agree to them. Most websites do…so why not do the same?

When we are faced with online terms and conditions we simply tick the box and don’t bother reading them. If we stopped and read every example we would see our own personal efficiency – the job of getting stuff done – plummet. Box ticking might suit some, but not us.

So we have set out how we do business in our own words. We think they are easy to read and understand but if you have any questions feel free to contact us:

  • We are human and we make mistakes.
  • We realise you are human too and might make a mistake

We like to cut folk some slack. If its a genuine error let us know and we will see if we can’t put it right. If you make a mistake (10x Metashape Pro licenses purchased after a heavy drinking session, for example) just let us know and we will see what we can do.

  • Communication is king

Get in touch and we will always respond. If we can, we will use all reasonable endeavours to sort things out.

  • Software returns are based on trust

We cannot stop you using a software license key if you change your mind. Please be honest when we ask you to uninstall the software and delete the license key.

  • Training course logins are single user – for your use – and cannot be shared inside a team/bunch of mates/online

It takes a long time to gather the experience and skills to teach anything and sharing knowledge is costly. Logins are not for sharing and its for you alone to use. We price our courses to be competitive…if you still feel the urge to share the content with others do please get in touch first as we might be able to cut a group deal…we would always respect honesty.

  • Training material is not created on a share-alike basis

Creating course material takes time and we do assert our copyright and moral rights to everything we create. We have created a professional course for use by professional people and as such we do expect professional standards. If you really want to copy material or use for something else then get in touch and ask first.

  • If you really want to go legal then English Law applies

Laws the world over are complex and expensive to understand. We stick to one law that gives us at least some chance of understanding what it means to the layman.

If you have reached this point then congratulations! We hope you realise by now we are a small company run by humans who care about their customers.


Simon & Jose