Supporting Ukraine – Metashape Foundation Training Course

£400.00 £333.33 excluding UK/EU tax

Purchasing this course will trigger a 50% donation of the nett cost to a charity supporting refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Aimed at forensic crash investigators, surveyors, archaeologist and anyone requiring deeper knowledge of how to extract the best from Metashape software using source images designed for consistent and high quality results from photogrammetry.


Over the past few weeks, the team at AccuPixel have been thinking about how we can, in some way, have a positive impact towards the efforts supporting humanitarian relief for those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.  

That’s why, between now and May 31st 2022 anyone buying an AccuPixel training course will be given the option of making a donation on their behalf with 50% of the course fee being donated. We will ask Stripe (the payment platform) if they will waive their transaction fees on these sales to maximise the benefit.

We have not selected any particular charity yet – and are very open to ideas and suggestions – and we do not need to be fixed in our choice as changing times need flexibility. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with any and all suggestions.

With an estimated 3 million people having fled Ukraine there is a real need to support both them directly and the bordering nations that are witnessing events long thought confined to the last century. We cannot change what is happening, but we can all make a difference no matter how small and our thoughts and prayers are matched with deeds.

This self paced and modular course draws extensively on José’s years of working with photogrammetry and Metashape Professional – the online course is endorsed by none other than Agisoft themselves.

The course is aimed at forensic users of photogrammetry and anyone requiring deeper knowledge.  The goal is to teach everyone how to extract the best possible results from Metashape Standard software and includes real-world examples.

With  regular quizzes to test knowledge progress and feedback students will be equipped with a deeper understanding of photogrammetry and efficient use of Metashape.

We are naturally proud of the endorsement of this course by none other than Agisoft and we are extremely grateful for their continuing support in ensuring professional users of Metashape Standard edition extract as much value as possible from the software.

Please contact us for discounts on bulk purchases.

What our customers say:

A new student writes: “This is the first time I’ve encountered photogrammetry, but I like the way it is broken up into small sections and very clearly explained.”

The more experienced Metashape user writes: “I discovered there was so much functionality in Metashape I wasn’t using.”

Ian White of North West Technical Services Ltd writes: “… having taken the course, I would recommend it to any members who are using Metashape on a regular basis in order to generate site plans.”


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