Camera Position Tool

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The drag-and-drop camera processing tool that merges images with GPS data.


This tool takes JPEG images and matches them to a GPS position by reading either a UWIS dive log file or a GPX format file.

The entire process is designed to be as simple as drag-and-drop, with estimated camera positions being calculated in the background, with preview of camera positions shown in real-world context in the upper preview pane. When selected, each positioned camera preview is shown in the lower pane.

Fine tuning of camera position can be set by using estimated velocity and unwanted cameras can be excluded with simple drawing tools. Camera time can be adjusted to manage any camera/GPS time offset if required.

The comma separated list output is suitable for a wide range of applications, including Metashape Professional and 3DF Zephyr. The latest version optionally embeds the GPS values directly into the meta data of the image, negating the need for a separate file to manage location.

Supported on Windows 8 or higher the nodelocked license permits unlimited use with no expiration on a single PC.

AccuPixel use this tool to create camera positions for underwater 3D reconstruction – such as this reconstruction of this submerged Sea King helicopter.

This short video shows the tool in use.

This short video explains the installation and licensing process, plus a “how to” guide on its use.


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