Metashape Professional Edition for Forensics & Surveying

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Welcome to the Metashape Professional Edition for Forensics & Surveying course, we hope you enjoy the lessons as we share our collective knowledge of photogrammetry and Metashape Professional edition.

This course builds on the foundations and principles of the Standard Edition course and goes into greater detail in areas such as recursive refinement and optimisation before covering the outputs such as ortho photos and digital elevation models.

The Professional edition application and workflow builds on the basic principles taught in the Standard course. Whilst it remains optional, and not a prerequisite, we encourage even experienced users to work through the Standard Edition (provided for free for Professional Edition buyers) before starting the Pro course.

Course Content

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Recursive Optimisation
Using Markers
Lesson Content
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External Orientation
The Metashape Workflow
The Dense Cloud
The Digital Elevation Model
The Orthomosaic
Working with DEMs and Orthomosaics
Working with Laser Scan Data
Drawing Tools
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