Course Update – Manual Camera Calibration

The question of how to calibrate cameras and lenses pops up frequently.

But the important question of when calibration is beneficial and why is calibration important in certain scenarios is often overlooked.

GoPro sourced image with checkerboard showing lens distortion – but does it need calibrating?

So Jose and Simon have written two new topics for the Metashape Foundation course that delves deeper into the subject and have shared their knowledge on when and why calibration makes sense, and when to let auto calibration run.

screenshot of course content

The first topic discusses the scenarios that are unlikely to be resolved by manual calibration, and when certain photogrammetry scenarios will benefit from manual calibration of cameras and lenses.

The second topic is a guided step-by-step process to enable students to create their own robust camera calibration with the best-practice techniques for source photos shared.

screenshot of course content

The courses is updated and ready now. The new topics are available to all existing students – we don’t place a time scale for completion of our courses and any updates are available to all.

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