AccuPixel and Virtual Surveyor

Today we are proud to announce some good news – AccuPixel has signed up as a dealer for Belgium-based Virtual Surveyor.

Virtual Surveyor offers a wealth of tools to analyse and to enrich the outputs photogrammetry based surveys can produce, such as point clouds, DEMs and ortho photos.

The software and tools are aimed firmly at the following markets:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Construction Earthworks
  • Stockpile Inventories

Virtual Surveyor is the tool that bridges the gap between products of dense photogrammetry – those ultra-high res gigapixel orthomosaics, gazillions of points in dense clouds and fine detailed terrain models – and traditional surveys.

Virtual Survey or provides the perfect set of tools to navigate these huge datasets and collect a just the minimal yet meaningful number of points and lines that are required for a survey. Combined with the ability to import and export CAD data working with ortho mosaics and generating vector data based on photogrammetric surveys has never been easier.

As our first test…we decided to measure the volume of the bank at a local Iron Age fort known as Caesars Camp. Its a 2500 year old multivallate fort and an example of very (very!) early civil engineering.

Iron age ditch and bank analysis in Virtual Surveyor

We now have a very good idea of how much flint and soil the prehistoric engineers shifted. Our ancestors moved approximately 2169 cubic metres and 4164 tonnes of material when constructing the double ditch and bank defences in this section. The material library carries not only density but cost per unit options, but the cost/benefit metrics applied in the iron age are unknown…except there is very little evidence the fort was occupied.

For more regular and contemporary use the changes to stock piles can be monitored and reported quickly, and extracting linear features such as kerbs, roads and infrastructure features are a breeze.

Virtual Surveyor Stockpile Changes
Virtual Surveyor Stockpile Changes

Virtual Surveyor is available with two levels of capability:

  • Ridge – for creating advanced topological and quantity surveys
  • Peak – for working with larger projects and analysing progress over time
Contours and road outline creation
Creating contours, road outlines and flow lines from ortho photos turn photogrammetry outputs into CAD ready files

For all the excitement of 3D and virtual environments much of the world still runs on lightweight CAD data such as 2D drawings and site plans. Extracting road profile data with minimum effort will be useful to many, including the forensic collision examiners we work with.

AccuPixel now offer both license levels with 12 month subscriptions available for purchase in our online shop. 1 month, 2 year and 3 year options are available – just use the contact us page to get in touch with your requirements. Licenses will happily float within an organisation, offering excellent and cost-effective flexibility.

Virtual Surveyor sits well with our other GIS application – Blue Marble’s Global Mapper – and together help deliver a tight from scan-to-output process.

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