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Over the past few weeks, the team at AccuPixel have been thinking about how we can, in some way, have a positive impact towards the efforts supporting humanitarian relief for those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.  

Flag of Ukraine

That’s why between now and May 31st 2022 anyone buying an AccuPixel training course will be given the option of making a donation on their behalf with 50% of the course fee being donated. We will ask Stripe (the payment platform) if they will waive their transaction fees on these sales to maximise the benefit.

Instead of buying the regular course we would encourage everyone to go for those supporting Ukraine. Direct links to the courses are here:

AccuPixel Metashape Professional Course supporting Ukraine

AccuPixel Metashape Foundation Course supporting Ukraine

AccuPixel Viewer Course supporting Ukraine

And all can be found in our shop under training courses.

The date of May 31st hasn’t been selected for any good reason…we are not seeing any signs of this conflict ending soon so will review and extend. The help and assistance offered, no matter how small, can be extended for as long as necessary.

We have not selected any particular charity yet – and are very open to ideas and suggestions – and we do not need to be fixed in our choice as changing times need flexibility.

Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with any and all suggestions.

With an estimated 3 million people having fled Ukraine there is a real need to support both them directly and the bordering nations that are witnessing events long thought confined to the last century.

We cannot change what is happening, but we can all make a difference no matter how small and our thoughts and prayers are matched with deeds.

We do recognise this deed is tiny when compared to enormity of the issues facing folks fleeing war. But if everybody does a little then the impact can have a far greater impact.

Founders Jose Martinez Rubio & Simon Brown

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