New Release – GPS Positioning Tool

The latest version of the GPS camera positioning tool has been released with two major improvements:

  • Support for GPX file format
  • Preview of the positioned images

The inclusion of GPX file formats means we support any GPS recording device capable of saving or exporting this format. Naturally support for UWIS log files remains and we will still use this for our 3D reconstruction, but we do recognise ROV operators use many tools to record position – the latest update makes merging disparate data as easy as drag-and-drop – check out the video below for a brief demo.

Screenshot of app
Screenshot of the camera processor

The preview of positioned cameras has been added, along with position highlight (orange circle in the map) of selected camera in the map view. This visual feedback helps anyone quickly gain confidence the merging of images and GPS position has delivered the expected result.

Short video of the tool in action – merging data is as simple as drag and drop

This low poly model was geo referenced and scaled using GPS data from the UWIS log file and processed in Metashape Professional:

The camera position tool is now available for purchase and download in our shop and is available free of charge to all AccuPixel UWIS customers.

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