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Metashape Pro comes with python scripting language that can be used to automate tasks or improve how the product works.

This toolkit is a useful edition to what is a very capable, feature rich product – it opens up customisation and enrichment of how we work.

Technical Director José has a keen eye for improvement and decided the transform options for the View, Region and Object could be enhanced. So he set Geobit ES to work creating a script to make life a little easier.

Loading the Script

All python scripts can be loaded from the Tools menu, or from the user profile area automatically at startup – put the script in the following folder:

  • Windows: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Agisoft/Metashape Pro/scripts/
  • Mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/Metashape Pro/scripts/
  • Linux: /home/<username>/.local/share/Agisoft/Metashape Pro/scripts/

On starting or loading we now get a new menu item called Helpers:

Helpers menu with Transform dialog

Transform Options

Transform can work with three items:

  • View – what is the viewport direction?
  • Region – where is the bounding box?
  • Object – where is the 3D reconstruction?
The three transform options

View allows us to manipulate the direction of the viewport via buttons for the named views, or rotated manually via the XYZ coordinates.

Region allows us to manipulate the position and size of the bounding box by steps or sliders.

Selecting Object triggers a warning:

Warning when accessing the Object menu

Manipulating a model that is constrained by geo referenced ground control points, camera positions will change (and possibly invalidate) the relative position of the model so please bear this in mind when using.

If you happen to transform your geo located model unintentionally then the Reset Transformation can be used to put things back.

Where to Download?

AccuPixel are making this script available as a free download and it’s available in the shop right now. We are very grateful for our partner Geobit Consulting making this available to everyone – for free.

You do need to register an AccuPixel account but we guarantee the spamming won’t happen anytime soon. If we write another set of useful code we might want to drop an email out but otherwise you won’t hear from us – we promise!

2 thoughts on “Scripts for Free – Transform Helper”

  1. Interesting script…..however in View Tab, Show/Hide Items (Cameras, Markers, Other chunks) are unavailable (greyed out)

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