AccuPixel Appointed Global Mapper Authorised Reseller

Today we are proud to announce AccuPixel have been accepted into the Global Mapper Certified Reseller program:

Why Global Mapper?

The joy of photogrammetry – capturing the real world and digitally preserving it – remains core to what we do. But we also recognise the downstream value 3D reconstruction can deliver to many clients, those who need to work with mapping data, ask questions and seek answers.

To put it simply, José considers Global Mapper to be his Swiss army knife equivalent and the list of supported file formats is very comprehensive.

Global Mapper screenshot – earth tone shader

Visualisation, editing work, and analysing physical terrain sits at the heart of Global Mapper – hence we see the application highly relevant to what AccuPixel does and offers.

Global Mapper screenshot – watershed analysis
The SS Thistlegorm data in Global Mapper – here the locomotive mainframe is highlighted

These are exciting times for recording, preserving and understanding the world around us. Adding Global Mapper to our portfolio extends what we do beyond photogrammetry and into the downstream processes.

Global Mapper is available through our online shop.

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