New Release – GPS Position Processing

AccuPixel are proud to announce the release of the latest version of the UWIS Camera Processor for 3D reconstruction in Metashape Professional.

The original version of this app was born from a) Simon’s inherent mistrust of spreadsheets and b) a desire to make the data wrangling merge of GPS positions with cameras as simple as drag-and-drop.

The position of the AFV432 at Vobster Quay Inland Diving clearly marked by merged cameras

After some practical experience and testing with V1 we took a step back and took a second look. The National Park Service Submerged Resource Center were keen to see some changes and improvements too, so we commissioned Jesus Álvarez at 29Qbits to rewrite the code.

What’s New?

Version 2 has the following improvements:

  • Predictive date & time format with manual setting option
  • Visual presentation of estimated camera positions with map background
  • Selected camera highlight
  • Colour coded accuracy estimation
  • Filtering by velocity – refine the accuracy based on swimming speed
  • Filtering by polygon or shape – removing outliers or irrelevant areas
  • Manual adjustment of altitude (depth)
  • Camera time compensation
  • CSV file extension by default on save
Selected camera highlights via the table and graphical feedback

These updates had the joint goals of improving the digital toolbox whilst making the app easier to use – data wrangling is always fraught with risk and making it simple to achieve a result remained a core principle.

The app has seen improvements in calculating interpolated positions, refining and improving accuracy of the overall reconstruction.

The CSV output applied to test data – accuracy remains in the 2~8% range

All AccuPixel customers who have bought UWIS hardware from us will receive updates and the app is included with the bundle sale as part of our dealer service.