Merging Data – Photogrammetry & Laser Scans

The Metashape Professional for Forensics and Surveying online course has recently been updated with a completely new lesson and two topics added:

  • Importing point cloud data
  • Importing laser scan data

For our customers (such as Devon and Cornwall police) who have existing investment in laser scanning hardware the potential for not only improving the efficiency of preserving evidence but the quality of the outputs has taken a major step forward.

Laser scanning is both quick and accurate but the level of detail – when compared to a ortho photo – cannot really be compared. But by merging both sets of data the accuracy of the laser scan can be inherited by the photogrammetry, applying geolocation and scaling to the 3D scene.

The interior of a church with images aligned and scaled from laser scan data. The red ball denotes the laser scanner position with the cameras aligned using common point data

Of the two methods importing laser scan data is faster and has far less manual intervention than working with the laser-derived dense cloud.

Screenshot from the course with the same church interior now meshed and completed

Both Jose and Simon see learning as an ongoing process and the intention is to keep the course current with Metashape Standard and Professional, adding topics when something significant – such as importing laser scan data – becomes a feature of the software.

All existing students have access to the new topics and will remain a learning resource for anyone who has signed up for the course and in keeping with Agisoft’s support for education we offer a discounted rate for academics and students – please contact us for details.