AccuPixel Appointed UWIS Dealer

Its with a sense of pride we can today announce that UWIS – the Finnish company that designs and manufactures underwater navigation and communication equipment – has appointed AccuPixel as its UK dealer.

For those who know Simon’s work with underwater photogrammetry and the regular blogs on his site Deep3D extolling the virtues of knowing positional information during a dive this announcement should come as little surprise. By bringing UWIS into the AccuPixel world the company can invest in and support this kit far better.

ROV Tracking

One area we will be expanding into is ROV tracking. By adding a UWIS tracker unit to an ROV the operator can see in real time the position of their craft. The small footprint and ~100g in-water weight of the tracker makes it an idea addition to any ROV.

Deploying an ROV with UWIS tracker

UWIS Tracker software can export a diver or ROV location data (NMEA) applications such as the ROV controller software. By using this feature the operator is presented with all information in one screen.

UWIS Dive Tracking software showing ROV track – realtime feedback vital for efficient working

We hope to be using UWIS in the field soon and starting to share more results of this kit. In the meantime we have added the basic single diver/ROV tracking equipment to our shop with more equipment to be added very soon, including the diver tablet.

The Altab tablet with Valtamer navigation software. Image courtesy Rick Ayrton

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