AccuPixel Launches Professional Training Course

Today sees the launch of the AccuPixel Metashape Professional Edition for Forensics & Surveying online course.

This course is aimed at advanced users of Metashape who need to validate and deliver high quality and repeatable 3D reconstruction, typically those working in the fields of law enforcement, forensic collision investigators, archaeologist and surveyors.

Based on real-world applications and drawing on the extensive experience of AccuPixel founders José and Simon the course goes beyond just clicking the menus and explains the how’s and why’s of the process of 3D reconstruction.

Course content includes downloadable datasets Рphotographs, survey points and project files Рto work through and practice and as its modular you can work at your own pace and time and refer back to the material in future Рwe do not set a time limit for completion. Just like the Standard course, both Jos̩ and Simon remain on hand answer specific questions.

We are naturally delighted to receive Agisoft’s blessing and this course carries the “Endorsed by Agisoft” badge of approval, just like our Metashape Standard Edition online course.

The good news?

The Professional course very much builds on the lessons of the Standard edition and the knowledge imparted feeds into the more advanced techniques. So we are including access to both courses with a purchase of just the Professional edition, and existing students enrolled on the Standard course will enjoy a significant discount over the list price.

The course can be found in our shop and has a reduced introductory price that is valid until March 20th.

Finally, we would like to thank our proof readers and subject matter experts who peer reviewed the course. Your comments, suggestions and corrections are very much appreciated.