The First Month of Accupixel Online Training

As October draws to a close its time to take stock of our first month of online education with our Agisoft endorsed Metashape Standard training course .

Take-up is best described as both brisk and positive and whilst we initially thought the course would be popular in the UK – which it has – we now find students from across the globe are signed up with representation from the Netherlands, Australia and the United States of America.

The biggest order so far has come from a UK police force signing up no less than nine students.

Some students have already completed the course and collected their certificates. Most are reporting somewhere between 15~20 hours of study to practice, complete the worked examples and pass the quizzes.

First Pass?

To date no student has passed every quiz first time – we see this very much as positive as it encourages students to look back and review the material.

We very much believe this course should remain as an online reference and there are no plans to limit access once complete as learning is an ongoing rather than static process. The crown of “First Pass 100%” remains available as bragging rights!

We are keeping the introductory offer and reduced price open until the end of the month but do remember if you are a practicing forensic professional extra discount is available. We do like to support those working in the field and members of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators enjoy a discount on both training courses and software.

The Last Word – From Our Customers

When we set out to write and present the course we had two groups of students in mind; those who used Metashape but lacked formal training, and those who were new to the entire process. It was a high bar.

So we will leave the last word on this to our students:

A student new to photogrammetry writes: “This is the first time I’ve encountered photogrammetry, but I like the way it is broken up into small sections and very clearly explained.”

The more experienced Metashape user writes: “I discovered there was so much functionality in Metashape I wasn’t using.”

Ian White of North West Technical Services Ltd writes: “… having taken the course, I would recommend it to any members who are using Metashape on a regular basis in order to generate site plans.”